The following are a set of rules and guidelines put in place by djzman and the board of directors. Said rules should be followed regardless unless open exception has voiced by a board member or djzman himself. The rules are:

  1. A player may have a maximum of two EoEP nations in there time during the project from the date the rule was put in place. Players who have exhausted said rule include:Titanic, playfuljeff, purpleorigami, djzman, brickguydk,Texar, TheRobloxNavy(pending thoughts of board of directors).Exceptions to this rule include players that were misinformed about the nation they were becoming, Players that have left the project for more than a month.
  2. Wars between nations that are carried out through the Roleplay method of warfare must be agreed to by both players. Wars carried out by the troop method do not need to be agreed to, and hence failure to attend battles without will to reschedule, or reasoning, will result in forfeiting of battle(Categorical retreat)
  3. WMD's are not to be used in anyway by a player state against another player state. Furthermore attempts to bypass this by hitting nukes to players neighbours in order to get fall out to carry over will result in a weeks suspension. This is considered a blatant disregard for the rules in an attempt to get your own way.
  4. Technology must be kept realistic to modern times. While post modern aspirations are allowed, such as advanced mag-lev train systems, research must be acquired through buying from another country or otherwise researching to put said technologies in place in your country. This does not however mean you can research flying lazer death robots.
  5. A player nation will only be recognized officially as such if they have a wiki page. In regards to objections to this. Several players would be willing to help out in creating you one if you can't create it yourself. Bear in mind this is only from the point of view of moderation of the EoEP, this does NOT mean that player's will not recognize you, although they are entitled to do so.

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