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Empire of Korea

Empire of Korea

125px-Flag of South Korea.svg 85px-Emblem of South Korea.svg
Flag Coat of Arms

"홍익인간" (Korean) (de facto)

"Benefit Broadly the Human World"

The National Anthem of the Republic of Korea
Empire of Korea Map 1A


and largest city

Official Language Korean
Official Script




Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
 -  President Choo-Kai-Saihun
 -  Prime Minister Park-Chung-Kyoo
Legislature National Assembly

Constitutional Monarchy

October 13, 1897


June 19, 1937
 -  Total 220,847 km2 (85,270 sq mi)
 -  Water (%) ~3
 -  20YY Estimate 120,000,000
 -  Density 39/km2
GDP (PPP) 2038 Estimate
 -  Total 36,500
 -  Per capita 36,500
GDP (nominal) 2038 Estimate
 -  Total 1.15 Trillion
 -  Per capita 31,600
Currency Korean won (₩)(KEW)
Time zone

Korea Standard Time


Drives on the Right
Calling code +82
ISO 3166 code KR
Internet TLD .kr .한국

The Empire of Korea (Korean: 대한제국; Hanja: 大韓帝國; Daehan Jeguk; literally "Great Korean Empire"), commonly referred to as Korea, is a country located in East Asia occupying all of the Korean Peninsula. Korea shared land borders with Manchukuo to the northwest and across the sea neighbors Green Ukraine to the north, Japan to the east, Taiwan to the far south, and China to the west.

The Empire of Korea is an industrial, economic and militaristic power in Asia.


In the year of 1392, the Joseon Dynasty was founded. The dynasty ruled until 1784, as it was dissolved by a revolt by the people. The cause for the revolt was the current leader had abused rights as a Korean citizen, which lead to an organization "Gyeonggi-Do Revolutionary" to be established in Seoul, which later overthrew the dynasty and established a Democracy, that was until 1894 whena Constitutional Monarchy was founded, but was later dissolved into the Democracy of Korea that we all know and love today.


The Empire of Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula, North-West of Kyushu, a Japanese island in the south and South-West of Green Ukraine, South of Manchuko or Manchuria, and East of Dewei and China, Korea has a mountain range on the East coast.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The government of the Empire of Korea was previously a Constitutional Monarchy, but in 1937 the monarchy was dissolved, and a Democracy took place of the Constitutional Monarchy. The Democracy has been in act ever since, and has


The crime rate is very low as of the Military Brigade of South Korea, (MPSK) has put up CCTV cameras almost everywhere around the major cities, which they are immediately alerted once a crime has taken place. This is all for public availability.

Human RightsEdit

The death penalty is illegal in Korea as it has infringed on Human Rights in Korea. It is now illegal to deny applicants to a hospital on the terms they are not a criminal. Korea also has refugee camps across the nations to help the citizens and other people(s) plagued by war

Foreign RelationsEdit

International Standing

IU Good Rep Icon Flag Placeholder
International Union: Member (Positive) Organization: Standing
CIOG Logo Flag Placeholder
Olympic Games: (Unknown) FIFA: Participant

The Empire of Korea has strong ties with Japan and Mongolia.

The Empire has a history of tension and rivalry with the United Kingdom and Ohio.

War Edit

Korean War on Terror: Won

Korean Support of the Khanate Civil War: Won

New Korean Order War: Won


The Empire of Korea's Treasury has stated that the national coffers hold approximately ₩1.25 Trillion KEW, or about $1.2 Billion AUD. This figure has been challenged by some.


Major cities in the Empire of Korea include Daejeon, Daegu, Seoul, Busan, P'yongyang, and Wonsan.


The Empire of Korea's infrastructure is one of a kind. It blends modern but keeps our classic touch from the Sejong time also. Our transportation system is one of the most advanced in the world, as we are a bustling country that never stops moving. Our transportation ranges to Bus Routes to Trains and even Ferries for brief trips to Jejudo Island. Seoul is populated by 30,032,134 in the metro area.

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