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Starting in ancient times, the Italian Peninsula was only inhabited by the small, local settlements. Other than those there was colonies from the Mycenaean Kingdom and colonies from the Phoenicians and other Greek civilizations. In the year 753 BC, a small farming town called Rome was founded. Over the course of centuries it grew to form an empire stretching from north Africa to Britain and from Spain to Syria. After facing the beginning of a slow decline in the 2nd century AD, the empire was split in two. The western half that included Italy, north Africa, Spain, Gaul, and Britain went on until 476 AD when Germanic warlord Odoacer captured the peninsula. Italy was under Ostrogoth control until a brief recapture of the peninsula by Justinian of the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century. Later that century, control of Italy was taken by the Lombards. This would end political unity of Italy for 1300 years. Italy was absorbed into the Holy Roman Empire by Charlemagne late in the 8th century. To be finished...


Italy is a Constitutional Monarchy.



Christianity- 93% Islam-1% Nothing-4% Buddhism-.7% Judaism-.6% Hinduism-.4% Sikhism-.3%


Valetta-(Built) L'Aquila- Aosta-(Built) Bari- Potenza- Catanzaro- Naples-(Built) Bologna- Trieste- Rome-(Under construction) Genoa- Milan- Ancona- Campobasso- Turin- Cagliari- Palermo-(Built) Florence- Trento- Perugia- Venice-(Under construction)


Foreign RelationsEdit


Honduras Conflict-Concluded


United Republic of Bricc

Trade Republic of Crete


Republic of California





Italian Army- 150,783

Italian Navy- 45,035 The Italian Navy, like the rest of the Italian military, has been heavily increased recently. There is four aircraft carriers, the Cavour, Rome, Aosta, and the Adriatic. There is 9 military submarines, 16 frigates, 6 destroyers, 3 amphibious assault ships, 8 corvettes, 17 patrol vessels, 11 mine removal vessels, and 23 auxiliary ships. This adds up for a total of 97 ships.

Italian Air Force- 57,794 The Italian Air Force has in recent years, been heavily improved with the Typhoon III fighter jet, an addition of 30 brand new helicopters, a total number of 275 fighter jets, and 630 total number of aircraft.

Major Advantages of Italian Armed Forces- The largest advantage Italy has is that most of Italy's navy has military lasers

National AnthemEdit

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