1. Go to and find a spot not taking that you would like.
  2. You also have other options with settlements in Era and Themes
  3. Contact Cowkiller by [private message] to avoid someone is already building there
    Private message
  4. Go to one of your places or an alts and create the landscape. You can find help with build tools in the

2. Now you need to create a place to hold this settlement. (Landscape) Make sure to add build tools and bricks 'and put it on 'public domain.

3. Now start building a settlement. Make sure to read the Settlement guidlines carefully! Create a blurb about your empire and settlement, make a flag (put on the empire blurb) and name your empire. (Note: Your first settlement will become you capital city, you can change it later but make sure to contact cowkiller!) You're done, congrats! Now achieve greatness and glory amongst your fellow Robloxian's!