The use of this page is to ensure that any Economic or Diplomatic Treaties between Players and Other nations, NPC or otherwise, Can not have their Existence Refuted. This is to stop the use of "Sudden allies" in diplomatic Circumstances. Parts of this page may be removed for treaties that no longer stand.

Diplomatic TreatiesEdit


Military alliance of melanesia ProperEdit

Participants: Fiji, Republic of Greater Melanesia


Circumstances of knowledge:Public

Peace treaties and Extended Ceasefire ActsEdit

Brasilia TreatyEdit


Mutual Defense, Military co-operation, Willful blindness, and Land division treatiesEdit

Research Co-operation and Research GrantsEdit

Ethonia-South German(Formerly Briccian) Aeronautical Co-operative ResearchEdit

Participants:Ethonia, South German Coalition


Circumstance of Knowledge:Unknown

Melanesian-south german Co-operative ResearchEdit

Participants: Republic of Greater Melanesia, South German Coalition

Details: Mutual Laboratories set up

Circumstance of knowledge:Purpose of research not revealed to the public

Melanesian-Polish Co-operative Armament ResearchEdit

Participants: Poland, Republic of Greater Melanesia

Details: Tank blue prints shared aswell as engineering teams from poland working in melanesia toward the creation of the MH-78 Tank

Circumstance of knowledge:Public knowledge

Economic TreatiesEdit

Developmental AidEdit

Melanesian Aiding Edit

Participants:Republic of Greater Melanesia

Recipients: El Salvador, Peru, Jarkartean Federation, Philippines.

Mutual Taxing, Special Contract rights, and Exclusive Economic Zone Co-operationEdit


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