Earth Like Planets Building HelpEdit

I have made a few guidelines for some people who are interested in making earth like planets. Though I have lost a great deal of my work on this I was still able to figure out how I had done a good deal of it.

Making the Base PlateEdit

Porpotion matters as planets are not perfect sphere's.

Part 1 - Starting OffEdit

  1. Grab a brick and resize it to I advise 5 studs.
  2. Copy that brick atleast 6 times with a 1 stud gap between each brick. ( should look like in picture)

  • Starting Off

Part 2 - Base Plate ProcessEdit

  1. copy another brick but this time rezise to the length of all the bricks combine
  2. Put this brick on the other side of the "soon to be rectangle" and copy the same brick but reduce to half of its size than put in on the same side as the last brick.
  3. Copy another brick and colour it a blue than put it between the two sides resizing it tell both ends touch to form a rectangle.
  4. Place in the latitudinal lines where those gaps were left. Colouring them different may help you see the difference from equator and poles.
  5. You Can delete the uneeded siding, just don't delete the base and lines separating the planet.

  • Base

Part 3 - ContinentsEdit

It is best to use a (1-6) dice for this as it will keep your planet unique and much more natural than perhaps using you way. Do not resize the markers of these continents. Edit

  1. pretend that it is a grid so divide it up evenly into the dice (1-6)

  • Grid
  1. Now Roll the dice once ( this will be the longitude cordinant) and roll again for the latitude cordinant
  2. Place a marker brick to show where that cordinant would be [for example in the picture A would be 3-3]
  3. Do this 7 times, if a continent is at the same spot as another place it beside it.

Part 4 - OceansEdit

Oceans are a little harder to create and requires some thinking. A good scale of oceans is around 3-4 with a normal 7 continent scale. First you will need to get to know the 3 main types of oceans.

Opposite Ocean

Outwards Ocean [majority of the coastline is directed away from each other.

Attaching Ocean

Majority of the ocean is paralleled or similar to each other.

Towards ocean

Towards Oceam [Majority of the Coastline is inwards , this ocean is rare and would transition into another ocean type often.

  1. Your goal is trying to fit around 3-4 oceans in your map. This requires you to resize the continents but not moving them. You can resize to what would be other grid spaces but keep in mind not to move them and the fact your trying to achieve 3-4 oceans.
  • 1. Outwards Ocean
  • 2. Small Outwards Ocean
  • 3.Parralel Ocean
  • Outwards Ocean [poles are a bit hard for people to recogonize]

Part 5 - Defining Your ContinentsEdit

  1. This is rather easy, put markers around each side of the rectangular continent.
  2. Place 2x1 bricks creating the shape of the continet, make sure not to obstruct your oceans to much.
  3. Do this tell all continents are complete and fill them in.

Part 6 - Setting Up For ClimateEdit

This is where the latitudinal lines comes in handy. They will tell you which way the prevailing winds blow. For a normal earth scale there is 6.

  1. Make arrows one blue for cold and one red for warm.
  2. Take one of those arrows (doesn't matter) and put the 2 arrows in the tropical latitudes facing east
  3. Place the next two facing West, Place the polar ones facing east again.

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