Dusseldorf is a riverside city on the Rhine in Lower saxony(Dolnosaksonia).


Dusseldorf was one of the first major cities of the VVZBR And has the Second largest Rail junction in the VVZBR with the main line from Dusseldorf to Kijow being the largest contiguous line in the Voivodiary Rail network next To Talinn to Kiszyniow. The confluence of the rhine, and the voivodiary Railways here into a single Major city makes it a hub of commerce and trade in central europe, Most trade from the north sea goes through dusseldorf through the voivodiary Waterways , of which the rhine is the furthest west extremity.

Being a hub of trade and commerce many of the worlds largest businesses have came to dusseldorf for a European HQ, the city's skyline is filled with skyscrapers for companies such as Zielin Telecommunications, Preo Corp, Warka Eco-Cars and many more. The most prominent of these skyscrapers is the Zielin towers, Two towers connected by a bridge that go up over 580M into the air.

In the city center the main attractions are the gardens and Temple Park, The stunning fountains and pristine Stone markets make the old square the number one tourist destination, with quick access across the square to Convention centers, Large skyscrapers, The Vilkist Temple and the highly sourt after Temple Park Apartments that are some of the most expensive in the city due to where they overlook.

to be continued...

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