Dune VillageEdit

Dune Village is a small village located in the Lmaoian Empire north of emory. It is on the edge of a large dunefield with mountains to the north. Its a great place to spend your summer, for you could walk as long as youd like in the dunefield, and maybe even hike into the mountains.

Dune Village came to exist because of the Great Mormon Migration. A large mormon civilization had been blazed entirely by Lmao The 1st after he was overthrown in Lmaoia. This lead to thousands of mormons migrating south to Lmaoia and east to Tsukiburg, hoping to find a place to live. At the location of the sand dunes, many people got attached to the beautiful sand dunes and mountains, and they told the rest to leave them behind. They Formed a small village, and later, were discovered by lmaoians. They declared the region Dune Region, including the settlements of Dune Village and Los Chihuahuas.


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