The Communist Republic of Jutland (Juttish: Komunistu Republikas Jitlandes) is a country located on the Gulf of Riga. Jutland is a Stalinist-Marxist-Leninist Communist state that got independence from Nuovo Imperio Romano. The nation consists many settlments, but some under development in game.
Jutland NEW flag

Jutland's National Flag

Lenin's Speech at the Third Communist International02:54

Lenin's Speech at the Third Communist International

Lenin II's Speech in front of the Juttish parliament tooken on someone's Vintage radio (Audio only).

Jutland infoEdit

Here is some misc. Information about Jutland

  • Government Type: One-party Communist Republic state
  • Major Party: United Communist Party (UCP)
  • Juttish Current Population: 43,587,900
  • Juttish Economy Stregnth: Great (Grade A)
  • Currency: Juttish Krone
  • Jutland Stocks: Up to 200% in 4 months
  • Languages: Juttish 40%, Russian 50%, English and French 10%
  • GDP: $987,400,230,546 Per capita
  • Juttish Calendar: 2012
  • Capital city: Mazkac
  • Biggest city: Mazkac
  • President: Vladimir Lenin II (ElOrfanato)
  • Supreme Minister: Eryozhk Lenin (Tristar010)
  • State Parliaments: Upper house (890 Seats), State Duma (1850 Seats)
  • Major Religions: Juttish Orthodox (94%), Jewish (6%)
  • Juttish Title: The Great land
  • National Anthem: "The Workers song"
  • Jutland Status: In Industrial Movement
  • Propoganda/Political posters of Jutland
  • Military: Juttish Armed Forces

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