The De longe Movements are a series of Anti-Melanesian movements to remove the Indigenous people from melanesia.

The First movementEdit

The first movement was taken by De longe and greatly opposed by europe and asia for human rights reasons. The first movements failed due to the fact that people were widely opposed to it due to outside influences. However General De longe saw this problem and set the stage for the Third movement. But first he needed to prove to his allies such a movement could work

The Second MovementEdit

The Second movement took place only in the islands of Tafea. A personal union between General De Longe and General Pedersen meant that De Longe pumped his army into tafea to kill the majority of the melanesian population. At this point an intervention from Fiji took place where a small force evacuated as many of the Melanesian population as possible, It was too late however for those that inhabited Erromango island The entire population was slaughtered.

De longe set about forcing leaders with threats of war to close relations with the rest of world from melanesia. With melanesia closed off, Leaders convinced their anti-Melanesian initiatives could work and what they thought was no-one who could stop them.

The Third MovementEdit

The third movement was by all accounts a failure majorly due to the support of Fiji. De Longe attempted to rid the Melanesian population of his own country New Caledonia but failed due to the Fijian army intervening and causing a long drawn out rebellion. De Longe met his death in the Defense of Noumea that was attacked from Fiji from the sea and the Caledonian rebels from the mountains. De Longe had no escape and his nation had turned against him.

Fiji had made a temporary deal with tafea that they would be allowed to maintain a Melanesian-free society so long as they did not aid New Caledonia.

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