Dagedae, Meaning "City Of the Lucky" Mostly A Gambling State/City in the Aregon Empire, Founded By Neo, As He is a Great Gambler of the 3 DemiGods. His Son, Jason Owns The City, As He Lives in the Immortal Realm, He Gambles Millions of Dollars Every Week. Dagedae is the Richest Of All Citys in the Galaxy, Possible the Universe, Its Like Las Vegas, Except You Dont Have To Call the Swat Team Everyday, and People are Not Living On the Streets. Dagedae Has Many Gangsters in It, Atleast 4 Gangs!

  • Blasted Apples
  • Arrow Headers
  • No Named
  • DungOnDaShoe

DungOnDaShoe Is the Dangerous, Becuase They Dont Take Showers, and they are Mostly American!

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