Cyrus Arcaeces is a Zoroastrian Mobad, considered the father of modern Zoroastrianism movements in the middle east, chiefly Iran. He was born in Yazd in 1959 and brought up by a strict zoroastrian family that had links to the zoroastrian priesthood.

He was raised from a young age to be a priest but his tendency to be distant and deep in thought made his parents and peers doubt his ability to become the priest he was expected to be. In 1970, at the age of 11 he went into hiding with his family for almost a year as a result of the islamic revolution. The end of zoroastrianism as a religion seemed near and Cyrus, by the age 20 had decided he had to become a priest to save and preserve his way of life.

Convinced through his studies that the words of Zoroaster had been misinterpreted by his people he proceeded to go deeper into his studies, to find the spiritual answers he looked for. Along with his friend and confidant Arsites, Cyrus went on a spiritual journey to discover the true meaning of the scriptures he had access too, and any he could find.

By age 25, Cyrus had found the answer and began to preach his findings. His friend Arsites described by Cyrus as "The pen with which I will redraw our faith" was used as a scribe, and a public speaker when Cyrus could not. Cyrus proceeded to hold several public forums where in he spoke his beliefs to Iran, zoroastrianisms modern spread over a period of 50 years is mainly attributed to Cyrus and Arsites, As their beliefs and vigour in their beliefs captured the younger generation of the time that would go on to rule the country into a new era, bringing back the shahdom 63 years after it fell in 1970.

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