Cyberana Task Force Flag

Flag For Matt

Flag of the United Empire.

Cyberana Is an elite divison of the United Empire. Fort Cyber Is the Command Post of the Cyberana Elites.

Known MandatesEdit

  • To Conqure All That Risited the Might of The United Empire.
  • To Improve Technolagy.
  • To Defend The Emporor

Known Units Of the CyberanaEdit

  • Sabre Assault Force S.A.F. (Elites)
  • Royal Guard R.G. (Guard to the Emporor)
  • Dogaro (A Cross Breed Bwteen A Dog and Kangoro) EXPERMENTA
  • Imperal Guard IG (Elite Regement)

Known Military BaseEdit

  • Fort Cyber
  • Fort Chaos

Cyberana Shall Fight! Cyberana Will Win! Cyberana Will Conqure! All Hail Cyberana!

More Comming Soon!

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