Confederation of Sovereign Eurasian States (CoSES), also known as CESE (Confederación de Estados Soberanos Eurasiáticos) is a commerce alliance founded in Madrid by Spain, West Germany, Mongolia, and Philippines.

Confederation of Sovereign Eurasian States (Eng)

Confederación de Estados Soberanos Eurasiáticos (Spa)

Siewka Konfederacji państw suwerennych (Pol)

主權歐亞國家聯盟 (Ch)


Foundation: 2032

HQ City: Madrid, Union of Iberia and Colonies

Largest City: Mumbai, The Christian State of Mumbai

Type of Alliance: Trade
Founders: Spain, Germany, Mongolia, Philippines
Current President:

Javier de Garcia (UIC)

CoSES map


All 4 founding nations agreed to form a trading union to preserve peace and promote prosperity between nations. Another reason for founding was due to the International Union's lack of activity and stopping the constant wars erupting across Eurasia.  It currently serves as the largest alliance completely inside Eurasia, and the largest alliance in the world that does not deal with military.

Current Members (32)Edit

Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland Empire of Ethiopia Empire of Korea Green Ukraine Islamic Republic of Iran Japan Khanate of Mongolia Kingdom of Benelux Kingdom of Cambodia Kingdom of Kamchatka Kingdom of Okhotsk Kingdom of Thailand Kingdom of Tibet Nordic union Republic of Abkhazia Republic of Afghanistan Republic of Albania Republic of Armenia Republic of Azerbaijan Republic of East Turkmenistan Republic of Eastern China Republic of Georgia Republic of Magadan Republic of Manchuko Republic of Myanmar Republic of New Iceland Republic of Philippines Republic of Romania Republic of Turkey Republic of Turkmenistan Trade Republic of Greece Union of Iberia and Colonies

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