Commonwealths of Collective Security


"We're all here together."




Capital Unknown
Largest city Mumbai
Official languages English
National language English
Membership India, Indochina, Iran, New Zealand
Religions Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism
Government Commonwealth
 -  Head Somebody
 -  General Secretary Somebody
 -  Chairman Somebody
 -  Chairman Somebody
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Council of the CCS
 -  Lower house Parliament of the CCS
 -  Declared 2036
 -  Recognized Day
 -  Constitution Day
 -  Total 4,500,313 km2
 -  Water (%) Something
 -  2036 estimate 910,546,000
 -  Density Something/km2
GDP (PPP) 2036 estimate
 -  Total $13.3 trillion
 -  Per capita $Something
GDP (nominal) 2036 estimate
 -  Total $6.408 trillion
 -  Per capita $Something

Welcome to the official page of the CCS, or officially known as the Commonwealth of Collective Security. This is a global group devoted to commonwealth security, unity and alliance. We fear the dangers of war, and especially the threat of war coming to any of our doorsteps and possibly into our countries. No one wants their house to become a super-power playground. We of course do own a military, however, members are to put 2.5% of their military into CCS as a minimum, and a 30% maximum, of course if they feel like volunteering. These statistics may change any time by the consulting of both India and New Zealand. 

Economy Edit

We also require money. And this is required so all members of CCS can be faithful to the unity of other commonwealths in this alliance. We require you put in 1.5% of your nation's earnings into CCS, no more than that. (This is permanent)


Basic laws apply, OMGHALO and BrickGuy ONLY.

(proposed, cannot be forced)

- May 16th, 2036

Opium legalization is proposed to CCS states

- May 24th,2040


Our application can be found here: {CCS Application}

Current LeadersEdit

India & New Zealand

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