The Wspólnota Dla Ochrony i Dobrobytu Narodów (WDODN) or in English The Commonwealth for the Protection and Prosperity of Nations (CPPN) is a political, military and partially economic union the stretches world wide and was founded in 2032 by the new polish government,the government of Far Eastern Ukraine and the government of the republic of Greater Melanesia.Originally it was meant as a plan to cement the position of these nations on the world wide stage it soon began to develop into a method for maintaining security and prosperity of nations. And thus was baptized in fire during the Abkhazian and Jakartean conflicts to become a political and military union. 

The organization is split into 3 specific regional branches, The North Asian branch Pertaining to former soviet eastern Russia, The south Asian and Pacific branch pertaining to the Melanesian and Californian influenced area, and European branch Pertaining to the Polish and Finnish influenced area. 

The original union was made between Poland, Melanesia and The Green Ukraine but expanded wider when Kalimanitan Borneo, Abkhazia, Romania, the Turkic republics and several other nations. The more recent expansion of influence includes Finland, Balkan union and the Jakartean Federation.

Recently the organization has been involved in resloving conflicts between the etruscan league and the Tha axis. This was succesfully done through medium of an interim republic.

to be continued.

Involved Nations

Population Seats Other
Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland 250,935,385 250
Balkan Commonwealth 32,380,081 32
Republic of Finland 5,500,000 5
Republic of Romania 21,330,000 21
Estonia 3,364,000 3 Not involved militarily per agreement
Republic of Greater Melanesia 123,412,000 123
Sulawesi and Kalimanitan Borneo 35,950,000 35
Jakartean Federation 135,000,000 135
Sultanate of Bali 4,220,000 4 Not involved militarily per agreement
Far eastern Republic of Green Ukraine 84,418,856 23
Republic of California 75,823,591
Commonwealth of Canada
Republic of Abkhazia 850,129
Yugria 3,901,358 Protectorate state of the Republic of Altay
Yomalia 1,331,405 Protectorate state of the Republic of Altay
Republic of Altay 51,696,822
Republic of Khakassia 26,478,044
Republic of Tyva 18,538,628
Federal Republic of Buryatia 52,539,832
Electorate Kingdom of Okhotsk 8,729,489
Electorate Kingdom of Kamchatka 4,610,429
Republic of Sakha 74,099,928
Republic of Magadan 26,189,098
Interim Republic of Jammu and Kashmir ~12 Million Not a permanent nation member by rights of protectorate status under the WDODN
Total ~1.04 billion 900


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