Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland

Koronowany Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej oraz królewskich zależnościami

Polish Flag v2e 398px-January Uprising.svg
Flag Logo/Coat

"Through the Grace of god"(English translation)

"Dzięki łasce Bożej" (traditional Polish)

Anthem: "Mazurek Dabrowskiego"


Capital Warsaw
Largest city Kiev(Kijow),Silesian Metropole
Official languages

Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian,

Belorusian, Moldovan

National Language Polish
Demonym Pole, (More welcomed Provincial demonyms)
Government Electoral Limited Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Artur Augustus Poniatowski

Prime minister

Arkadiusz Piszczek
Legislature National Senate
 -  Upper house Royal Sejm
 -  Lower house National Sejm
Formation of Nation
 -  Kingdom of Poland 1025-1569


Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

 -  Second Polish Republic 1912-Present Day
 -  Total 1,238,148 km2
 -  Water (%) 4.3


 -  Density ___/km2
GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total Something something zloty
 -  Per capita Something Something Zloty
GDP(nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total Err i duno
 -  Per capita Err i duno
Gini (2032) Err I duno
HDI(2032) Err I duno
Currency Polish Zloty
Time zone (UTC+1 to +2)
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC+2 to +3)
Drives on the right
Calling code 98
Internet TLD .pl, .ukr, .br,.li

Poland,Otherwised reffered to as The Commonwealth or The second Republic, Officially known as The Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland is a country in central and Eastern europe bordered by Russia, Romania, Estonia, South German Coalition, Germany, and Slovakia. Poland is a Unitary state although the government is nominally divided into Commonwealth provinces, and Voivodeships. The history of poland can be Traced back to the original Slavs of Eastern and Central europe (excluding Russians) Where in the first polish state was created. which would later go on to become a Polish-lithuanian state.

In 1912. the state re-emerged, however lithuanian influence had dropped severely due to russian opressian of the area.

Diplomatic RelationsEdit

Poland holds a policy of openness about its international Involvements and relations

Poland is involved in the Buchuresti accord which will give integration between the economies of balkan union, romania and Poland.

Poland is also a leading member of the Euro-road Organization.

Greater Poland Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

The Greater Poland Commonwealth province was not created until after WWI when the lands were formally regained from the German Empire along with Silesia. Although the province was invaded by Nazi germany during WWII the province was reformed prior to war.

Chief Settlement:Poznan-β

Supporting Settlements: Gniezno-δ, Gorzow Wielkopolski-ε

Greater Pommerania Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Gdynia-β

Supporting Settlements:Bydgoszcz-δ, Szczecin-δ

Podolia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Vinnitsa-γ

Supporting settlments:Khelmenitsky-ε, Chernivitsi-ε

Samogitia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Klaipeda-γ

Supporting settlements: Taurage-ε, Siauliai-ε

Dzukia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Vilnius-α

Supporting settlements:Alytus-δ, Lida-ε

Aukstaitija Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Panevezys-δ

Supporting Settlements:Utena-ε, Ukmerge-ε

Sudova Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Kuanas-β

Supporting settlements:Marijampole-δ, Suwalki-δ

Belorussia Minor Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement: Vitebsk-β

Supporting settlements:Mogilev-δ, Orsha-ε

Belorussia Major Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Minsk-α

Supporting settlements:Borisov-ε, Salihorsk-ε

Lithuania Minor Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Wystruc-δ

Supporting Settlements:Tylza-ε, Silute-ε

Warmia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:See Krolowiec Special Metropolitan collectivity-α

Supporting Settlements:Elblag-δ, Pilawa-δ

Silesian Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Wroclaw-β

Supporting Settlements:Katowice-δ, Zielona Gora-δ

Lesser Poland Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Krakow-β

Supporting Settlements: Radom-δ, Czestochowa-δ

Polesia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Gomel-γ

Supporting Settlements:Mozyr-δ, Pinsk-ε

Podlachia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement: Bialystok-γ

Supporting settlements: Grodno-δ, Brest-δ

Masovia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Warsaw-α

Supporting settlement:Lodz-δ, Plock-ε

Masuria Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Olsztyn-δ

Supporting Settlements: Elk-ε, Augustow-ε

Galicia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief settlement:Lwow-β

Supporting Settlements:Drohobycz-ε, Ternopil-δ

Volhynia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Luck-γ

Supporting Settlements:Rowne-δ, Kowel-ε

West Dnipro Ukraine Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement: See Kiev Special Metropolitan Collectivity-α

Supporting Settlements:Zytomierz-δ, Charkow-ε

Bessarabia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Odessa-β

Supporting Settlements:Kishinev-γ, Bielce-ε

Transcarpathian Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Mukaczewo-γ

Supporting Settlements:Rzeszow-δ,Lesko-ε

West Zaphorizia Commonwealth ProvinceEdit

Chief Settlement:Dniepropietrowsk-β

Supporting Settlements:Kherson-δ,Krzywy Rog-ε

Kiev Special Metropolitan CollectivityEdit

Krolowiec Special Metropolitan CollectivityEdit

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