Coalition of Allied States (Eng)

Coalition des États Alliés (Fra)

Coalición de Estados Aliados (Spa)

HQ City: AinarUnion of Iberia and Colonies

Largest City: LagosRepublic of Nigeria

Focuses: Millitary


Head of CoAS: Alfonso III

The Coalition of Allied States, commonly refered to as The Coalition, CoAS, or simply the Allies, is an alliance of nations fighting agaisnt the Fortaleza Pact in Africa. After World War IV ended, it's main purpose was to be a union of sorts between occupied parts of Africa, how ever it is set to be disbanded in 2038 if everything goes smoothly.


Union of Iberia and Colonies

-Equatorial Federal Republic

African Confederation of Gabon-Congo

Cameroonian Federation

Empire of Ethiopia

Republic of Nigeria

Mali Federation

Kingdom of Madagascar

Non-member supportersEdit

Grand Nation of Angola

Republic of California

Republic of Texas

Republic of France

North Atlantic Republic

Argentine Republic

Federation of Democratic Republics of Kazakhstan

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