Cittadellago Edit

Is a trading town in Italy built to open trade from Southern Europe and Northern Europe. This settlements use later became useless as Nuovo Imperio Romano managed to create settlements joining the two regions before Chevek.

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Culture Edit

As a result of being so far away from Chevek, the town of Cittadellago has adopted a multicultural status. This is due to a high amount of Nuovo's citizens immigrating to the town. This later lead to a clash of cultures where both nations cultures merged.

Grand BeachEdit

Having that Chevek now owned a hot summer paradise Chevekians created a monopoly of tourism. This would lead to the vast amount of cottages which cover 40% of the town. Cittadellago has the largest tourist industry out of all of Cheveks settlements. This soon came to the prince of the town who decided a beach was much needed with a grand park.

  • Grand Park

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