Chevekian LanguageEdit

This is Chevek's national language.

Countries that speak Chevekian Edit

  • Chevek


The chevekian alphabet consists of 30 different letters. Four of the thirty only occurs if the first and second letter matches. [representation of the letter in writtin form] "How it is pronounced verbally" (How to translate the letter from the English Language).

E - ap

"Ap" (E)

J - ac

"Ac" (J)

Y - aw

"Aw" (Y)

V - bo

"Bo" (V)

T - ca
"Ca" (T)

S - daw

"Daw" (S)

X - eee

"eee" (X)

Z - faw

"faw" (Z)

K - fa
"fa" (K)

A - gi

"gi" (A) - soft i

D - ga

"ga" (D)

U - Gu
"gu" (U)

N - haw

"haw" (N)

H - Ja
"ja" (H)

B - ji
"ji" (B) - soft i

W - kee
"kee" (W)

Q - kye
"kye' (Q)

C - Li
"li" (C) - soft i

M - Maw
"maw" (M)

F - moow
"moow" (F)

O - pi
"pi" (O) - hard i

G - ra
"ra" (G)

I - see

"see" (I)

P - suh

"suh" (P)

R - waa

"waa" (R)

L - zau

"zau" (L)


Op - naw
"naw" (OP)

He - Pee
"pee" (HE)

Fi - za
"za" (FI)

Ra - zi
"Zi" (Ra) - hard i

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