Chevekian History Edit

A storage of major events that delt with Chevek.

  • Aregon Revolution - Chevek remained neutral but was asked by both sides to join the war
  • Lagnia Crisis [Lagnia completed a series of settlements that occupied all of the meditranian access points. This threat was taking serious by Asteria, N.I.R and a few others. This everntually lead to a Cold War between the majority of the present nations at the time.] - Chevek threatened to defend United Empire's mainland from any threat to protect trade
  • Jutland Independence [Jutland is trying to earn independence from N.I.R., they encountered a threat when N.I.R.'s army was relocated nearby.] - Chevek has introduced a blocade that prevents N.I.R. from accessing the Baltic Sea to stop N.I.R. expansion in the region and help Jutland earn independence.

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