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Chevek is a empires situated on the Dutch isles.

Flag of ChevekEdit

Chevek flag

Chevek Flag

The Chevek flag dates back to fuedal times when Chevek City was ruled by cheveks beloved three monarchy kings. Jehsaunt XIV ruled first, best known for makings Cowism the State Religion. George II took the throne after Jehsaunt XIV passed away from a gum disease. George was the first one to separate nobles from their peasants, allowing peasants to roam freely. Jasmine I took the throne next, she had introduced what we would now know of as public education. This greatly enchanced Chevek in the world bringing them as super power durring the renaissance. The colours of the flag represents the colours of a popular wild flower in the region that only flourishes in Chevek.


Map of chevek empire

Chevek Map

The map to the right is an atlas of the known Chevek world in 1470. (Chevek Empire 1570 - full resolution) In the atlas you can clearly see the surrounding areas of the settlements have been mapped to a greater extent than the further away. The trade routes with foreign nations such as the United Empire has greatly increased the Chevek Empire's knowledge of the surrounding world. Exploration for faster routes to the United empire has began thus mapping further into coastal regions once thought of as a giant continent.


Chevekian Music00:34

Chevekian Music

Chevekian Music

Chevekian Music tends to include such musical instruments such as pianos and drums. This is due to the Church of Cowism banning guitars, electrical instruments, ect... The church believed that certain instruments were played by the devil such as the fiddle nowadays.

Settlements of ChevekEdit


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