CEDP Logo 1

This was the third concept designed as a CEDP logo.

CEDP Logo 2

This is another idea for the logo of the pact. This was the second one drafted.

Central European Defense Pact/Centraal Europees Pact Defensie/Central European Defense Pakt


Possible idea for the pact logo, this was the first draft made.

The Central European Defense Pact is a pact of defense with members across Central and Western Europe. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The pact started on the 4th of Feburaury 2033 with 3 members.

Much of the pact is Socialist and Democratic, although any government type is welcomed.

The pact agrees to defend other members if required, and may be called to group operations, most of which are optional for the nation as to how many troops are sent.

The pact currently has a defense force that's one of the most advanced on the planet. This comprises of a navy consisting of:

  • 8 frigates
  • 3 Offshore patrol vessels
  • 2 Patrol vessels
  • 11 Minehunters
  • 2 support ships
  • 2 landing platform docks
  • 4 submarines
  • 1 Aircraft Carrier

An army consisting of:

  • 45,000 Active Soldiers
  • 15,000 Vehicles
  • 60 Artillery Units

An air force consisting of:

  • Over 400 Aircraft

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