Is a "holy city" as it is the birth place of Cowism. It's formation began durring the classical period eventually forming into the known medieval city. Though it is not the capital of Casare it has held to be the biggest power in Chevek. Casare also features Casare's major wonder Rapiga Lipikee which is a large cathedral surrounded by lush parks and a bell tower.

  • Cityscape
  • Arial View
  • Chevek's Wonder


Casare is located in the Chevekian Isles (Denmark). The climate is the wettest in the entire European continent as it has frequent floods, fog, rivers and constant rain. The landscape is quite flat with little trees ecept for a small "planted" forest outside the city. It also feaures a river that likes to zig zag across the land.

Gaapgicaja Moowpira "Death Fog"Edit

Death Fog is a regular occurance in Casare where a fog plauges the city streets often engulfing the whole city. It earned its name "death fog" due to a large amount of people dieing as the fog passes. These deaths are not at all natural as some people die suddenly *as if sleeping* for no apparent reason. This still baffles scientists and doctors today but some theories suggest that it may be coming from somewhere distant such as Norway where gases have been released from volcanoes (invisible) are blown right through denmark. Death fog has also been used in children books stating that if they were to be bad one day the fog would take it's vegenace on them.

  • Without Death Fog
  • Death Fog in the Streets
  • Maximum known extent of Death Fog

Dam of LigicadawEdit

The dam of Ligicadaw was made to prevent frequent flooding of the river. This greatly beneifitied the city as it now had the ability to build right on the coastline. The dam also created a huge reservoir that helps crops in a drought and the cities much needed water supply.

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