By itself, Canada is a wonderful nation with a great economy, well-trained and sophisticated military, and a political powerhouse. Being one of the worlds largest nations, it is deemed to have tons of resources, and large cities. In 2070 cencus, Canada have a estimation of more then 179+ million people.

Vassals/City States

The only known vassal of Canada remains the Belkan Pact of States, which is new but ironically has a better military than actual Canada. It also retains a large amount of unknown resources being that it is within the Artic Circle/North Pole, not much is known about the Belkan Pact of States except that its economy revolves around raw materials and high-tech weaponry.







-Republic city-Canada/Built

-Superior bay city-Canada/Built




Trade partners.

-Nuovo Imperio Romano -jinasus-Xzavier-Vietnam-

-VVBZR -Norway-Reichen-United Republics of Valasistia

-Taiwan -Karkland-Western state Union-Belka

-Russia -Auronitia-Kharamajistan-Kharkov

-Japan -Gracana-Bricksaburg-

Officaly a Land claim for All North american nations.

Economic Production & Mining

About 40% of the entire pool of raw materials comes from Belka but most of the production is done in the Canadian Homeland. The main Canadian products that are currently being made are luxury cell phones and laptops, coffee makers, and (from Belka) high-tech rockets. The only minerals being mining at the moment are Gold, Oil, Iron, Limestone, Titanium, and Natural Gas.

Economic Rank & Rivalry

Canada's current rank in economy is second only to be casted over by Texar & Xgmer's nation. Although its only opponent is below it, they still remain bitter rivals. Turns out, its only rival is Hessia which is slightly less productive.

Military & Territories

Most of the military power belongs to Belka but Canada retains elite divisions of CIA like figures whom are considered spies but are not used in action extensively. The divisions are consisted of woodland/arctic soldiers and condensed fighting men. Women are not usually in the military but when they are, they serve as behind the line distribution officers. Canada does not hold a large navy but its vassal Belka has a fleet of fast, lightly armed, and heavy cargo, frigates. They are not used in battle but can be used for off-shore defense. Canada have now train Espionage.

World Ranking

Canada does not hold many respective ranks but it does hold: Second in mass, Fourth in economy, and First in raw materials produced per month.


Nothing is known in this category.

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