The following page is a Historical Reference of a dead nation.


The Cladoche union of New Caledonia was formed under the leadership of General Tomas De Longe. The Nation was a result of the fall of the Independent state of Kanak . While the nation claimed control of the entire island and dependencies of New Caledonia their control was limited to the far south due to uprisings from The Free kingdom of Kanak.

Period of Rule 2005-2023Edit

During the Period of rule General De Longe ordered the buring and slaughter of over 100,000 Indigenous Kanak population of New Caledonia. The General favoured Caldoche(european colonists) rule and claimed Kanak were "Biologically inept and incapable of running a stable nation" He is also claimed to have said "Kanak people are an aberration of human evolution that should never have happened."  During rule De Longe allied with other European ruled melanesian nations in a bid to rid melanesia of indigenous populations. Only one of these nations were successful, The break off nation from the former Vanuatan kingdom The Kingdom of Tafea. However not all of the population was killed, Much of the population escaped east to fiji. 

Decline and FallEdit

The nation was plagued by social disorder and war and was lead by an unstable dictatorship that fell with the death of General De Longe on the 14th of January 2023. He was brutally murdered in the observatory deck by a Kanak warrior who is reported to have cut him into 108 pieces while still alive, 1 for each Kanak village burnt to the ground under his rule. However this is subject to speculation and was never confirmed. The Kanak warrior known only as "The white mountain" is in Noumea prison for murder to this day.

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