This contests will be going on for the next 2 weeks, it consist on the creation of a 500x500 Falkland Islands map that will be used for a greater project.

How does it work:Edit

You present your built map to an admin, preferably manomed177 and he will evaluate it, after the evaluation is complete a winner will be chosen and his map will be used for the project.


You'll have to follow the regulations stated in here to be able to qualify for evaluation of the map:

  • Size 500 x 500 
  • Map will be plain, meaning no water
  • Include around 50 x 50 of water inside the full size for troop deployement
  • Have important places built, such as all mountains, mark down where settlements are, etc.
  • [EXTRA] Since this is a Falklands War scenario, if you mark the exclusion zone you get extra points.

Reference Guide:Edit

The following pictures can help you build the map:


1st Place: You get 200 Robux and full credit in the game.

2nd Place: You get 150 Robux and your effort will be mentioned in the game

3rd Place: You get 100 Robux 

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