Was first decided in 1801 and is the main flag of Britain the orginal flag was introduce in 1606 in the
Great Britain

The flag for Brtain

rule of King Charles James . The name jack was actually was already used for ships.


This is a brief account of the History of Brtain.

Romans and Barbartic TribesEdit

Colony was first discovered in 200 BC. By a roman conquester whos name was George Numerius. He discovered it while sailing on his jounery To Iceland (He never made it sadly) and thought that
Roman ships

Artstic impression Of two roman ships

he should build some towns. The first names of these towns were Londinium, Guildford, Enfield and Read. After many years in the 410 AD the Romans left due to the city being burnt down 3 times and that they were being attacked by a Barbaric tribe which blockages there trade and soon captured london.

Barbartic Tribes & SaxonsEdit

Somewhere in the 400AD. The barbartic tribes were conquered by the saxons the Saxons then took over london and made there own city whiched seemed like a ghost town.

Vikings in EnglandEdit

In 800AD. The vikings Attacked brtain and conquered part of brtain. Where mordern day East Midlands region and part of modern day north west region. They also conquered modern day North East region and the mordern day Yorkshire and humber region Also mordern day East region and mordern day London region. These are the first regions they conquered but then they moved into to scotland.

Norman Conquest & Viking's DefeatEdit

in 1066AD over 200 years after then vikings were first in England years. A war was started by the viking who attacked brtain but sadly there leader Harald Hardrada was killed by a archer who was in Harold's II army.Then after the defeat Harold's II army was not in london. So then the norman fought off and killed then English with there powerful horses and succesfuly conqeured britain. He Had defeated them at the Battle of Hasting in East Sussex. Then he changed brtains way by changed their lanuage

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