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BricksaBurg (22/12/11) (Portugals TimeZone: 22:17)


BricksaBurguo (BricksaBurg) is a city, on two islands.

The governor of it is called Richard Johnson (JonhBrick).

This city as got medium crime and medium pollution

It's a touristic town where the most of tourists enjoy their travells in a rural and urban place.

Also a good place the rest away from war.

BricksaBurg's trade routes and subway lines:

Subway: Nuovo Venizia

Trade: Nuovo Venizia

'BricksaBurg's Main Spaces:'

  • 2 Industrial Zones
  • 3 Public Parks
  • 1 Monument (The Clock Tower)
  • 2 Subway Entrances
  • 19 Farms
  • 1 Mine
  • 2 Hotels
  • Storages
  • 1 Airport
  • 1 Hospital
  • 1 School
  • 1 Police Department
  • 1 Car Dealer
  • 1 Bridge
  • Energy Sources
  • 1 CourtHouse
  • 2 Docks

'BricksaBurg's Millitary:'

  • Heavy Turrets

'BricksaBurg's transport status:'

  • Land Traffic (60%)
  • Air (10%)
  • Water (30%)

Tanks For Reading

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