Blue Bull is drink company that was formed in 2015 after the collapse of Red Bull. The drinks from the company thrived. HQ is located in Kyoto,Japan

Energy DrinksEdit

The company produced many energy drinks such as Blue Bull Frost, Blue Bull Extra, and the most popular, Blue Bull Slide. Many of these drinks rivaled companies like Energy One, and many other companies.

Soda DrinksEdit

The company's new line of Soda was inspired by the international commerce such as Sang, and High Ridge. The Soda division was started with the new drink, Blue Freeze.

Can DesignEdit

After much discussion, Blue Bull released its first can, the Blue Can No.1, this can was designed to insulate the drink, by keeping it cold through a layer of barriers. The can had a small flaw though. When the can was set in tempatures below -10F, the can would start to freeze, making the product useless.

After the fixing of flaws from Blue Can No.1, designers created the Blue Can No.2, which failed due to tempatures above 110F. Blue Can No.3 soon followed.

Blue Can No.3 was perfect. The can insulated greatly, and was able to withstand tempatures above 152F. The can was fairly tall, able to have a large volume to be able to keep the drink lasting longer than other competitors.

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