Bialy is a town on the North coast of poland.


Bialy is considered the cultural capital of the VVZBR, and is administered to be the Capital of the nation. However while International diplomatic relations are conducted in the castle of the wolf, The government is actually housed at warsaw about 250 miles south east of there.

Bialy is considered a religous capital for all vilkists and as such the town is widely revered as being sacred, bialy was the first city in the VVZBR to incorporate the laws of littering that could see you thrown in jail or fined a weeks pay check for one litter picker, these harsh laws have led to next to no litter.

The castle at Bialy Miasto known as Zemek Z Vilk or castle of the wolf is one of the oldest surviving medieval castles, and is adorned with the Two oldest intact statues of the grand white wolf in the VVZBR.


Bialy is based around an outcropping point of land at which an angle degree of about 120 is formed. The city is based widely around the river, however the rivers mouth only acts as an inlet port, and is not a gateway to the wider waterways of the VVZBR.


A large ammount of the economy involves tourism, as bialy is a point of call for pilgrims from all over the VVZBR. however the white stone quarry and wild berry plantation do support the city as exports, the white stone is one of the most widely used building materials across the VVZBR and the Berries grown there are considered a delacacy around the world, used to top deserts and the like.


  • White washed Stone
  • Wild berries

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