Berne is the manafacturing masterpiece of Auronitia it has many factorys and is the most efficient city in Auronitia Did you know it is also the largest? Thats right Berne is 1 of 2 mega citys in Auronitia Berne is an amazing city with many tourist attractions. Berne has the De spike van berne,The boog van vryheid, meer Berne, and many more including the Berne Soccer stadium home of the Auronitian national team.More information on berne in the following catagories:

Die spike van berneEdit

The Die spike van berne is currently the largest man built dtructure in the world it is 1557M tall or

5108.267 ft for all yo amaricans out there :3

                             [MORE INFO COMING SOON]

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