Bartoh , What is?

Start~It started out as a small , tiny little village , a few houses or so , a small plantation , and one Huge Whopping Bread Company , it was "They" most famous Bread Company in the World! the whole village , owned by a bread company , seriously!!! So we decided to rebel , we gathered in the streets and stormed them , all we had do really deal with was 1 or 2 guards here and there , but we thought the factory would be easy , it surely wasn't. nearly 150 guards were standing ready to face us , but under Gattor H. Bartoh's command we took over the company and won the towns indepence from bread. He had a huge feast of the bread and kept the company too , brought in money. but sadly , Gattor died from a stab to the chest by a guard , and for all the help he gave they named the town after him. Bartoh began.

Then~we knew we coudn't hold like this , so we decided to grow and expand , we made our crummy old few houses or so into a Thriving City! , We strechted up for a stronghold named Fort Zenia for the famous General who formed the Whole army , the Settlement of Zetisin , for a great deal of lumber , and after a fishing boat wandered into a new island , we found a Huge Mine! , it was a part of the capitol Sockistania , where it all started , the rebelion and so on , but the people there thought if lumber can make a settlement , Mining should too , so a new Settlement was born , Glytapor. , We even made a project that based to it to keep them happy , woudn't want a 2nd rebelion. , It even made an Award winner for a Competition , pretty cool eh?.

Now~We are a great nation based in New Zealand remains , our army became pretty strong so we used our power to help others whenever needed and possible. we still have the "Fancy Bread Company" and [TO BE CONTINUED]

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