City of Chaos was the capital of Laginia, but a earthquake 263 years ago, destroyed the settlement that was at city size that time. Today it is a town size.

That time Lagin constructed it, he maded found a "magic" source, and builded a temple of it. The temple is not the largest, but it is the most mysterious. Few years ago Laginia founded the temple, and the archelogics, sayed it was impossible to create something like it again. But is that true? Around the temple they was small pounds of magic, just one drink of that and it healed all normal wounds, but today many is trying to steal the source.

Today we know that, the temple acutally was Lagin's grave. It isn't normal in Laginia ot get a grave. Normally people get burned so they can fly up to Chaos, but Lagin wanted to be on earth. Maybe because of something, but what, dosen't we know.

Also that, City of Chaos can be named the holyday city, because of the ruins near coast. The rest of the ruins is away from earth, but if people wanted, it easily could be digged up. Laginia don't dig it up because of it gives more money from tourists, than if it all got up.


Theres some fine sand at the coast, that can be made to glass.

Wood, the magic source is surounded by it but still Laginian marble production is more important.

Wool, from sheeps.

Fish, the town is near sea.

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