The Baltic Union Edit

The Baltic Union is a small country located in part of northwest Poland and northeast Germany. The country split off after a long and bloody war. The Baltic Union is a small but wealthy country with the extensive amour of products produced within the country. Though small the Union Grand Army is highly advanced with leading weapon technology and experienced men. The counties capitol, Berlin is the largest city in the Country.

The Baltic Union

<---- Land owned by The Baltic Union

Extra Information Edit

Government Type: Democratic Monarchy                                                                                                                                  

King: King Makhail Allutien IV

Prime Minister: Sir Ultrar Halaborvach

Military Size: Unknown

Population: Unknown


GDP: €2.755 trillion .

GDP per capita:€32 437

GDP growth 3.057%


The Baltic Union was once part of the VVZBR. After the collapse of the VVZBR the Baltic union became one of the many states suddenly left on it's own. No Government. No Money. No idea what to do. After over a year of this disorginization a democratic government was formed. The government disagreeing on everything got absoloutely nothing done. Soon with increasing threats from other nations that had regained there stability after the collapse of the VVZBR a Monarchy was established. The Monarchy succsessfully reagined ecenomic strength in the Union and Now The Baltic Union is a highly advanced and wealthy country.

More to come soon

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