The Ayleid Nation was a both prosperous and rather barbaric group of mostly tribal people whom settled the Amazon Basin. The Ayleids had a rich culture and their economy was based mostly on fish and at times hunting. The Ayleids also were great in architecture and masonry, and left behind grand wonders, artistic values that most cant meet today, with colossal pyramids aswell as statues of their leaders.


As said, the Ayleids were rather rich in culture. In religion, they belived in a pantheon of gods, Earth, Air, and Water. They referred to these gods as the Tribunal. They belived this Tribunal gave them the right to live, and the right to be on this unknown planet. The devil of the Tribunal religion was Dagoth Ur, which is ayleid language for, "Devastation". Dagoth Ur was belived to be the giver of natural disasters. He fought against Earth, Air, and Water, and as a result there were tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The Ayleids had created their own language aswell, the Ayleid Language. With the Ayleid Language, great bards were able to keep a record of history, from the greatest wars to the greatest times of prosperity and peace. These bards passed on Ayleid tradition so every settler of the Amazon basin could learn of this prosperous nation.


The Ayleid Nation's economy was based off of fishing and hunting. They also knew of plants and how to exploit them for medical use. Scouts of the Ayleid learnt of the landscape, and understood the plants, so they were able to harvest alchemical ingredients to bring back to their towns and villages in order to heal hurt hunters and warriors.


Ayleid military was based entirely off of skirmish, stealth, and geurilla warfare. Rather than powerful and fierce warriors with strong military tradition, the nation's military was often composed of scouts who could camoflauge themselves with the enviorment, and would usually use small stone and eventually bronze and iron spears accompanied with shields. Since they were basically the only civilization in South America at the time, the Ayleid Nation only had to deal with hostile barbarians and wild animals. The Amazon Basin was still all wilderness, even though they had settled most of it. They also gained a bonus from understanding the jungle, for most could hardly navigate through the dense trees, but they knew the landscape like it was their home...which it was.


The Ayleids, as mentioned tirelessly, lived in the Amazon Basin. Most of their settlements, including their once greatest, Miscarcand, were along the amazon River. They were faced with very much rainfall, and with foyage for roofs for most of their huts, they managed to shelter from the rainfall.


Miscarcand- Village

Vilverin- Town (not finished)

Wenyandawik- Colony (not finished)

Ninendava- Colony (not finished)


Ayleid nation flag

The Ayleid Flag

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