Riechen History: After the Berlin wall collapsed, a community of underground cities were formed, and in 2020, they struck, the 2 year struggle was called the Riechen Independence War, since then they have been an economic leader. Then in 2450, David Sartosky, the Riechen Chancellor was overthrown, and a Council was formed, they agreed to become a vassal of VVBZR, and their size shrunk extensively, currently they have a navy of 11 ships strong, and 300 tanks, and 50 aircraft, protected by 500,000 armed forces.

300px-Karte Bundesrepublik Deutschland.svg-1-

Land Red: VVBZR Yellow: Riechen Green: Hessia


Exports:Titanium, Agriculture,

Major Exports: Oil, Weaponry

Major Industries: Weapon Production, Ship Buolding, Mining

Defcon: 2


Leader: Michelin Messhermin

Government Type: Council

Branches of Government: Agriculture, Leadership, Armed Forces, Population,

Trade, Border Patrol, Economics, Internal Affairs, Maritime, Disaster


Jb-908 (Jet bomber)

Jb-908V (Reconassince Jet)

ME-676 (Jet Fighter)

Armour, Artillery, Other:

ISK-34 (Heavy Tank)

Tri-698 (Light Recon Tank)

Tri-889 (Medium Tank)

Scar White (Rocket Artillery)

Type-1 (SPG)

Object Unknown (CONFIDENTIAL)

APJ Worthen (All-Purpose Jeep)


5 Infantry Divisions (Mekli Tyouiz+)

2 Armoured Divsions (Dmytri Zaklo) (Heinu Tyru)

3 Air Groups (Georgi Zhutyo)

(adding more soon, post ideas)

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