Atlas Alliance

Atlas Comics


"Count on us, count on Atlas"

Headquarters: Kolkata, India

Founded: 10th May 2036 by Raja Nahir and (Insert Iranian here)

Served Area: Worldwide

Destination Airports: Many

'Destination Countries: 'Many

Annual Passengers: Many

Fleet Size: Large

Members: 4

The Atlas Alliance was founded in Kolkata in 2036 as a competitor to the Star Alliance and as the conveniant way possible to get across the mid-east and Asia. The company's large airline network stretches across Asia into the middle east, and its business class is one of the most luxurious in the world, being prized and awarded by many.

Join us, nobody is discriminated against!

The members are as fallows:

Airline Members Country/Region
Jet Airways Commonwealth of India
Iran Air Shadom of Iran
Myanma Airlines Myanma Airways
Cambodian Angkor Airlines 

Kingdom of Indochina

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