The Atlantic Space Agency is the organisation funded by the government of the North Atlantic Republic. Not to be confused with The Atlanic Space Agency Group, which is a collaboration of space agencies across the Atlantic.



  • 6 Satellites from 2034-2036
  • 2 ATSAT-4 military satellites 2037

Orbital EquipmentEdit

  • Atlantic Space Station "Knight Star" (No, do not call it ASS)
  • ATSAT-4 Military Satellite x2
  • EXCON Extra Terrestrial Communications Satellite "The Calling"

Alternative Methods of LaunchingEdit

'Railgun & Glove' methodEdit

A railgun style device is used to launch the payload using electromagnets, vertically, momentum is lost by the time lower orbit is reached, and a glove like satellite can stop the forward motion by turning it into rotational motion, then slowed by RCS thrusters.

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