Motto: Eco-friendly tech, at an eco-friendly price.

Athena Corporation is a weapons design and technological company focusing on making eco-friendly designs made out of recyled materials


Founded in 2035 as an invention workshop in a garage, Athena Corporation after receiving heavy funding from investors has sprung onto the world stage as a designer in aircraft engines.


CEO: The Founding and Current CEO is Jared Doker

Chief of Research: Felix Bernt

Public Relationship Advisor: Caroline Valishnok

Current TechnologyEdit

Br.199- A powerful and more efficient engine, currently used in United Airlines 787s

Vampir- High end military grade binocular system with multiple add-ons including thermal vision and 100x zoom


Borealis (2035) The plan to attract investors and funds to kickstart Athena

Hephaestus (CANCELLED) Current production product which supplied militaries with high end weapon modifications

Hermes (2036) Project to supply airlines with more efficient airline parts for low costs

Collaborations Edit

Collaborator Why How
United Airlines To increase economic factor of planes By supplying them with the latest advances in aerospace technology
MESA To get men to space more efficiently and cheaply By researching lighterweight alloys and SSTO engines

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