Astharon Empire


Astharon empire is a rather new empire.Astharon empire is not a savage empire and is ruled by the Holy emperor

Sur.Currently Astharon empire desires peace with other nations.Its more pacifist than militarist nation.

Astharon empire's current capital is Amaranth which is small town so Astharon empire is small empire currently.Astharon Empire is technologically highly advanced.


Founded in 2012 the Astharon empire was formed by serie of revolutions against the ancient Swedish monarchy.

Eventually the Astharon got drown in civil war of blue which supported the empire and gray which wanted to have a republic.The blue fighters won the war with the historic battle of Amaranth and so the Astharon empire has born.At first they elected poor man Sur to their emperor.


  • more to come!


  • Capital:Amaranth
  • Government type:Despotism/empire
  • Economy:Rich
  • Armies:Enlisted people:100
  • Forts:no
  • Major exports:Farming products and Marble

Major News stations:

  • Amaranth News


Dont know any other nations


Flag of the Astharon empire


Astharon empire's flag

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