Asterian National AnthemEdit

"From the smallest village to the largest city,

to the smallest pond to the largest lake,

to the smallest hills to the largest mountains,

and all the great rivers and coasts,

lives the land of glory,

the land of greatness,

and all that live in it!

Asteria, Asteria, oh how do we love thee!

Asteria, Asteria, from sea to shining sea!

Your mountains stand tall,

your lakes run deep,

and your skies fly free!

Asteria, Asteria, oh how you are great!

Asteria, Asteria, from hill to towering mountain!

Your cities are full,

your villages peacefull,

and your people live free!

All heil Asteria,

the land of glory and bravery!

All heil Asteria,

the Glory Land!

All heil Asteria!"

Asterian National Anthem - 'Heil the Glory Land' - Compossed by unknown author in the 18th century.

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