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The flag of The Aristocratic State of Jinasus.

A relatively new nation that formed over the eastern seaboard of China, based to the past city of Shanghai.


Founded several years after Li Gao got its independence from China, The government has no religous ties and used to be in a state of isolation with minimal trade.


This country is based on fast moving attack troops such as tanks or mechanized infantry. It has decent but smallish air force so they use anti-air weapons to cover weaknesses. Standard infantry are used in defense or in rough terrain. Most of its airforce are unmanned drones. Its naval forces are usually near the capital city. It holds a medium number of nuclear weapons.


-VVZBR -Canada -Auronitia


-War with Karkland


Political-Aristocracy Economical-Planned


About 13,140,000

Light historyEdit


--Li Gao [Capital City]

--Hejing [Town]

--Paracel City [not built] [Colony/Village]

East asia map blank

Jinasus land claims

Oversea territoriesEdit

--Paracel Islands.

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