This is the Military of Argentina, It is divided into 3 Branches, not including the Gendarmeria.Details Below:


Argentine Army(Ejercito Argentino)Edit


The Army is headed by a Chief of General Staff directly appointed by the President. The current Chief of the General Staff (since 2031) is General Luis Alberto Pozzi. The General Staff of the Army (Estado Mayor General del Ejército) includes the Chief of Staff, a Deputy Chief of the General Staff and the heads of the General Staff's six departments (Jefaturas). The current departments of the General Staff (known also by their Roman numerals) are: Personnel (Jefatura I - Personal) Informations (Jefatura II - Inteligencia) Operations (Jefatura III - Operaciones) Logistic (Jefatura IV - Material) Finance (Jefatura V - Finanzas) Welfare (Jefatura VI - Bienestar)



Active Personnel: 700.000

Troops in Snow Training.


Reservists: 1.700.500

Equipment and Vehicles:Edit

444 Tanks (Tanque Argentino Mediano and Tanque Argentino Pesado (TAP))

1006 Armored Vehicles

774 Artillery Pieces

159 Self-Propelled Artillery

8,573 Military Vehicles

50 Helicopters


The mission of the Argentine Army is the following:

  • Protection of Sovereignty
  • Capacity of Self-Determination
  • National Integrity
  • Protection of Natural Resources
  • Protection of Goods,Life and Freedom of the population.
  • Helping keeping the Republican,Federal and Representative System

Airforce of Argentina (Fuerza Aerea Argentina)Edit

The Airforce is the Air branch of the Military (Details Below)


Contributing National Defense acting effectively in the airspace of interest, protecting the vital interests of the Nation.


Personnel: 87,000


171 Fixed Wing Aircraft

60 Helicopters


Argentina acquired 15 SU-35's from Russia in 2020

45 Jets (20 In Aircraft Carrier)

Artist Rendition of the FMA 82

Halcon Del Sur jet fighter.

120 Trainers

20 Unmanned Air Vehicles.

15 Air Transport Planes (C-130,Fokker)

Internet Edit

Navy of Argentina (Armada de Argentina)Edit


Train and support the means of naval power of the nation, to contribute to their effective use in the context of joint military planning and consequently the effective implementation of the tasks assigned to the military instrument of national defense




Destroyers:18 (6 Almirante Brown Class, 12 Parana Class)

Frigates: 37 (21 Espora Class, 16 Rio Gallegos Class)

Minelayers: 7

Minesweepers: 13

Fast Attack Craft: 50

Corvettes: 16 (15 Calafate Class, 1 San Martin Class Trimaran)

Patrol Boats: 71 (Various Classes)

Aux. Ships: 100

Aircraft Carriers: 1 Helicopters: 25

ARA Sarandí

ARA Sarandí, Aircraft Carrier.


Submarines: 15 (1 Nuclear)

Marine Infantry:Edit

Personnel: 39,292

Vehicles: 111

Marines, Tactical Divers division.

Helicopters: 9

Aircraft: 4

Ships: 122

Gendarmeria NacionalEdit

Intermediate Force between the Police and Military

Personnel: 72,315

Helicopters: 32

Vehicles: 324

Aircraft: 31

Boats: 64

  • A4AR Fightinghawk
  • Steyr AUG
  • M16
  • CITER L-33 155mm
  • Halcon Del Sur
  • MARA400
  • ARX 160
  • FARA 32

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