The Arelian RaceEdit

Not much is known about the Arelians, what is know is the Arelians are not nomads when they find fertile land they will stablish their city. Also the Arelians have know of the Agriculture with similar vegetables found in Earth.


The Arelian never removes his armor.


As mentioned earlier not much is known about the Arelians but they have some relation with the ancient humans, they apparently helped in the design of the Pyramids located on Egypt, Africa-Earth.

Planet of OrginEdit

The Arelian Home Planet is located on the Solar System of Da'Rem Proximus, Planet Da'Rem III. The planet is an Earth-Like Planet, it contains mostly water reserves and the surface is covered by jungles full of life.

Da'Rem III and Da'Rem Proximus.

Da'Rem Proximus is a Red Dwarf but it provides the necesary light for life to grow.

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