1. Civilians are the Key To Victory, Get Civilians on the defender/invader side, the enemy will fall.
  2. Might Be Fun To Decieve Your Enemy, But it will hurt when they find out.
  3. Use surroundings as a tool.
  4. The Large Numbers Of Troops Means Nothing To a Guy That Knows How to Fight.
  5. Attack the Weak, The Weak Taps Back. (What Goes Around Comes Around)
  6. Fight an Enemy Far Away With Exhaustion.
  7. Inspiration Is A Key.
  8. Dont Stand Infront of the Running Bull.
  9. Train The Generals To Be The Dragons Of North, As the Troops To Be the Fierce Serphants.
  10. Stars Can Guide, But Keep Heads Down Before The Spear Touches You.
  11. If facing an Enemy thats charging, Patience Is a Virtue.
  12. A Defeat Looks Torwards a Brighter Victory.
  13. Occasionally, Biting Would Get you Smacked
  14. Every Empire Falls Eventually.
  15. No Need For Numbers, When Thiers Intelligence.
  16. When theirs Revolution, Let Their Be Independence to the Person Without Violence.
  17. When theirs a Fight With 2 People, Only Use Neutral Comments to prevent World War.
  18. Brothers Fight All the Time, But Thats No Need For a Civil War.
  19. Trust The Freind that You Trust the Most, And That one that has been most Trustworthy To You, Not the New Friend that just been met.
  20. Only Elect Leaders That Are Best at War, Because They Always have a Negotiating Friend.
  21. Science Is Stronger Then Prayer. (No Offense to Religious People)
  22. They Once Used Wood, But Iron Is Stronger.
  23. Dont make your Troops Blind With Greed.



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