• A- Di
  • B- Boe
  • C- Qu
  • D- Diu
  • E- Fir
  • F- Ki
  • G- Ga
  • H- He
  • J- Ge
  • K- Chu
  • L- Li
  • M- Se
  • O- O
  • P- Pi
  • Q- Yu
  • R- Pea
  • S- Ak
  • T- Chur
  • U- Ur
  • V- Vi
  • W- Wu
  • X- Xe
  • Y- Oce

Dont Complain, This is a Translation, The Real Letter Will Be Presented Soon...So Shutup, and Dont Call me Stupid, Or Dumb, I Already have Enough Trouble at School!

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