Aregon RevolutionEdit

The Aregon Revolution occurred on December 10, 2011. This war had caused many, many lives that would kill 10 000s.

Aregon Revolution02:35

Aregon Revolution




Casualties [(Amount of Soldiers Sent to Battle / Dead) Percent Died]Edit

War TasticsEdit

Aregon War
Yellow - Mahtava Voima

Dark Red - United Empire

Red - Aregon Rebels

Blue - Langinia

Green - Nuovo Imperio Romano

The War tastic was crucial for the winners of the war. All of the invasions came from the ocean. Thus, the defendors had a double line of protection starting with the sea and than ending on land. By doing so the Mahtava Voima and Nuovo Imperio Romano nations were able to clear out a lot of the enemy units. The concentration of Mahtava Voima's units also helped defend from landbased attacks.

Treaty of AregonEdit

The treaty of Aregon occured right after the end of the Aregon Revolution. They treaty made terms that:

  1. Aregon would be declared independent
  2. Aregon would have one month of isolation from any other nation
  3. Peace

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