Imperial flag

Flag of the Imperium

History of the imperium Edit

In 1995 french and dutch Caribbean colonies decided to begin uniting the region into a true modern power.

In 2000 after multiple sessions of negotiation and some armed conflicts the region finally united under 1 nation. The provisional government decided to form a imperial administration and appointed a Emperor to rule over all the minor princes who governed each of the former nations.

In 2005 a decision was made to reform the empire by increasing the Emperors power and taking away more autonomy from the princes.

In 2010 the Emperor formed a imperial army replacing the militias of the princes. It would be a modern military force strong enough to continue the grandplan.

In 2037 the Emperor died and his son ascended to the throne.

Stats Edit

Population: 75 million

Government: Imperial Administrative Empire

Military Size:1.25 Million

Economic system: Moderate interventionist

Social model: Socialist policy

Economic focus: Industrial

Education system: Western Standard

Culture: Dutch

Language: French and Dutch

Military Tech Edit

Imperial Eagle- Super sonic Jet Fighter main fighter and interceptor

Imperial Fury - Super sonic Stealth Bomber

Imperial Raptor - General purpose gunship and helicopter transport

Dominion class transport- Super Sonic Military transport craft

Imperial Lion - Light Tank general purpose. Armour piercing explosive round hybrid

Imperial Enforcer- Armoured personell carrier

Imperial Ravager- Mobile Artillery Vehicle

Lightning of the emperor-Mass issue SMG 50 caliber rounds

Shield of the realm- Mass issue combat armour hydraulic enhancement experimental models included

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