The American Land AgreementEdit

The American Land Agreement, in short, is an official border agreement made in relation to all sovereign nations that currently call the region formally known as the America's home.

This agreement will determine the borders or boundaries for the Union of United Freedom and Gracana and other nations capable of providing input on this agreement whom are situated within the American region as well as properly mark the current land claims of all other nations unable to be properly represented here with additional space given to compensate for potential growth.

Countries Properly Represented:

  • Union of United Freedom
  • United Coalition of Gracana
  • Nuovo Imperio Romano

Countries Not Represented:

  • United States of America
  • United Coalition of Gracana
    • Tsukiburg (Annexed State)
  • Calagary Oil Corporation


Union of United FreedomEdit

The Union of United Freedom currently proposes this border proposal:

  • UUF gets most of gulf and half of S.A. portion, Gracana gets most carribean islands (all except for Dry Tortugas) , florida, and carribean sea shores, and half of S.A. portion
Central American Land Pact.


United Coalition of GracanaEdit

The United Coalition of Gracana here by proposes and supports this border proposal:

  • The Union of United Freedom gains the majority of the core segment of North America.
  • The Union of United Freedom gains less than two-thirds of the lower segment of South America.
  • The Union of United Freedom gains all islands within our around the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Union of United Freedom gains control of the southern most tip of Greenland.
  • Gracana gains control of Central America.
  • Gracana gains control of Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, and all lands around the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Gracana gains the northern third of South America.
  • Gracana gains Hawaii.
  • Gracana gains the Galapagos Islands.
  • Gracana gains Tsukiburg
    • Tsukiburg gains control of Manhattan and local islands/land.
  • The Nuovo Imperio Romano gains control of a patch of land on the north-eastern most corner of South America.
  • The United States gains control of roughly one third of it's original colonial size.
  • The Calagary Oil Company gains control of a portion of South-Western Canada.
  • Most of Canada, Greenland, Alaska remain unclaimed.
American Land Agreement Proposal

UUF: Brown; Gracana: Light Green; NIR: Dark Green; US: Dark Blue; COC: Light Blue.

Nuovo Imperio RomanoEdit

Nuovo Imperio Romano Fully Supports The Following Land Proposal:


Land Proposition

  • Light Blue: UUF/New Esqueal
  • Yellow: Gracana
  • Green: NIR
  • Dark Blue: United States
  • Red: Calgary Oil Corp.

-UUF Gains Most Of SA, 1/3 Of NA And Greenland, Western Half Of Hispaniola, The Bahamas, And Part Of Greenland.

-NIR Gains Eastern Half Of Brazil, Most Of Caribbean, Panama, And Florida.

-Gracana Gains Most Of Central America, Northern Portion Of SA, And Part Of The Mississippi Delta.

-Calgary Gains Most Of Washington And Oregon.

-USA Gains The Original Land Of The 13 Colonies.

(approvals in comments)

If ANYONE has claims regarding this segment, please add yourself to the list and explain which section you want in the comments, and we will negotiate.

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